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Advance praise and reviews of

Qoheleth, The Teacher / Qoheleth, My Muse
(Poems about Poems)

Release Date: 01/21/2024

“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” —(Ecc. 1:2). People often twist themselves into pretzels trying to make Ecclesiastes fit into the Judeo-Christian ethos—or its most challenging passages are ignored altogether because it doesn’t wrap life up into the pretty package promised through the prosperity gospel teachings. Qoheleth, The Teacher / Qoheleth, My Muse uses poetic insights, journaled observations, and lived experiences to translate this curious book in the Bible into the context of now.

  • Publisher: ‎ World Stage Press (Jan. 21, 2024)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Paperback: ‎ 252 pages
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1-952952-57-9
  • Item Weight: ‎ 23 ounces
  • Dimensions: ‎ 8.5 × .94 × 8.5 inches


  • Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.
    Pastor Emeritus
    Trinity United Church of Christ
    Chicago, IL
  • Dr. Robert C. Scott
    Senior Pastor
    St. Paul Baptist Church
    Charlotte, NC
  • Karo Ska
    Poet, Author, Teacher

    "You absorb Deborah Dalton's poems with your eyes, and then they ricochet in your body, unfurling time-honored wisdom you didn't know you needed. Her poetry brims with insight and gems like “this living is not the solution to life / it is a part in an infinite continuum,” "unwitting attachments to trauma / distort both the cheap seat / and the sky-box view," and “Human hierarchy is a lie / obscuring an / appreciation of joy.” And her diction absolutely stuns."

  • Carl W. Kenney II
    Assistant Professor
    Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
    Convener of the Rev-elution
    Durham, NC

    "Dalton confronts the meaning of life transcendent of the burden of living and the assumptions of good living. Beyond convictions involving judgment, reward, and God’s will—what does it all mean?"

  • Rev. Adrienne L. Phillips
    M.Div, M.Ed, M.S.,
    Poet, Preacher, Servant, Teacher

    "Should you choose to accompany poet Deborah Lynn Dalton (d2) on her journey through the 'wisdom literature' of the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes, be sure to bring your own shoes designed to withstand tough terrain, desert hotspots, ebbing tides, unexpected curves and sudden drops. Be prepared for blood smears, heart-defying leaps with craterous landings, grief, and a sense of fore-loneness not backed up with hope. Be prepared for foolishness disguised as nothing new under the sun, threatening one’s perceived wisdom and capability to make any sense or success of the abbreviated time afforded one on earth. Time, that is experienced as a vapor or hebel that temporarily fills a space and then dissipates without announcement or fanfare. Ecclesiastes is serious business, as is our Poet Dalton, who has welcomed The Teacher, Qoheleth, as her Muse."

  • Carlos Ornelas
    Poet, Author, Teacher

    "Qoheleth, The Teacher Qoheleth, My Muse" is a manual of spiritual reflections for dealing with the trials of everyday living. Through the wisdom of Ecclesiastes, Dalton provides a pageantry of poetic prowess, that provokes the psyche to ponder persistently, provided by the potent partnership of prayer and poetry. This book is a meditative means to reflect on the things that truly matter. And therefore it will surely resonate with readers for years to come"

  • Rev. Iyana "Yani" Davis, M.Div.
    The Peace People’s Movement

    "Her call…one to move the masses with words, wisdom, insight, healing, and love. Her example…one that makes an imprint you never want to erase. Her words…a balm for a world troubled, disturbed, fragmented, and in need of reconcile. Thank God for the life of Deborah d2 Dalton!"

  • Dr. Gregory K. Moss, Sr.
    Pastor Emeritus
    St. Paul Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC
    Interim Pastor
    Chapell Memorial Baptist Church

    "In this brilliant literary piece, Deborah, d2, has invited us to join her in a stroll through the botanical garden called Ecclesiastes. Equipped with a theological and literary green thumb, she has tilled the soil of this ancient work of wisdom, and coaxed fresh and new perspectives for our mind’s eyes to gaze, ponder, contemplate, consider, and appreciate."

  • Dr. Cassandra Gould aka Pastor in the Public Square
    Sr. Strategist Faith
    in Action National Network
    and Founder of Pastors in the Public Square Washington, DC.

    "Minister Deborah Dalton, a contemporary, prophetic, womanist Qoheleth acts as a biblical docent as she invites and leads us through Ecclesiastes and the vicissitudes of life with this personal anthology of poetic renderings. Contrary to her own assessment, her call as preacher is evident as she orates and leads us to the stream of life even during her personal walks through the valley."

Deborah Dalton. D Squared Poet

d2 is a poet/spoken word artist currently seeking to poetically share the divine revelations gained while engaged in worship, study, and prayer. She was born in St. Albans, Queens, New York. Being brought up in a military family, she had the opportunity to be raised all over the world.

While enrolled in a pre-engineering program at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. While enrolled, she was an active member of the John McLinn Ross Players and performed in the following plays: The River Niger (Wilhelmina Brown), Tobacco Road (Ada Lester), Othello (Desdemona), A Raisin in the Sun (Beneatha Younger), Aladdin's Lamp (Mother), Fences (Rose Maxson), and The Shadow Box (Beverly).

She received an Irene Ryan Acting Award Nomination and an Acting Achievement Award in the Southwest Collegian Regional Competition. 

Her first book of a collection of Poems is titled "Becoming Aware".  Her second book is "A Mother's Solace: Healing Words".  She currently working on a collection of poems inspired by the Book of Ecclesiastes - Qoheleth, The Teacher / Qoheleth, My Muse.  Projected Release Date, January 21, 2024

She is available to provide commissioned pieces in addition to performing her existing works.

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