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Service Offerings

Providing you with graphic design that speaks to your unique image.

Working with churches, ministries, non-profits, and businesses, providing services that affordably meets your needs. Your project will be custom tailored to match your unique mission and goals.

Branding & Event Promotions

  • Research
  • Brand Identity
  • Logos
  • Digital Flyers
  • Style Guidelines

Desktop Publishing & Layout

  • Promotions
  • Full Print Setup
  • Document Layout

Social Media Management

  • Posts & Engagement
  • Setup & Management
  • Promotions & Ads
  • Social Media Calendar Development

Training Services

  • Church & Non-Profits Graphic Design Standards
  • Event Promotion Standards
  • Managing Your Website
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Social Media: Content is Key

Video Production & Editing

  • Short Film Story Board Development
  • Script Writing
  • Video Production (30s to 15min)

Web Design

  • Church & Ministry Websites
  • Personality Websites
  • Non-Profit Websites
  • Ongoing Support


Reverend Dr. Traci deVon Blackmon

Deborah possesses the coveted creative ability to make visions visible. Over and over again I have shared my thoughts and the dreams of our church with her, and she has always returned with images that make those dreams come alive. From logos to promotional pieces, to T-shirt designs, Deborah delivers every time.
Executive Minister for Justice & Local Church Ministries for
The United Church of Christ, Cleveland, OH
Senior Pastor, Christ the King UCC, Florissant, MO

Carl W. Kenney II

When I contracted Deborah Dalton to provide services for the African American Clergy Coalition of Mid-Missouri's Reverend Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr. Conference on Church and Social Action, we received more than we expected. Beyond an amazing logo, website, Conference Program, onsite management and registration, Dalton branded both the organization and conference. Dalton helped us envision the building of a movement that transcended what we imagined when we decided to form a coalition of black clergy in Mid-Missouri. She brought more than massive experience and creativity. She captured our mission and purpose with a keen awareness of the circumstances guiding our work. Dalton is a branding and marketing genius with a mission that is her unique ministry.
Pastor, Liberation Church - Home of the Underground Church
Black Pearl Media Works, Co-Producer of "God of the Oppressed"
Durham Magazine, Culture Columnist
Washington Post, religious News Services, Freelance Journalist


How much do you charge?

Great question!

D2 Graphics will meet with each client to fully assess their needs and then tailor an estimate that will be affordable and equitable. The cost varies based on the size of your project, and the length of involvement.

GRAPHIC DESIGN & VIDEO WORK, rates start at $50/hour with a 3-hour minimum, then billed at 15-minute increments of time until completion. Your project allows for 2 rounds of fundamental design changes before final production. 98% of the individual graphic design projects commissioned by D2 are completed within the 3-hour minimum.

BRANDING & WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT WORK requires a $500 deposit to start the development of your site. This will cover all of the expenses associated with defining your site map and securing all of the necessary domain name and host server rights, as well as the necessary privileges.

Prior to your paying your deposit, D2 will conduct a preliminary assessment of your needs to determine the estimated total cost of your site with a detailed list of recommended additional options, features, and 12-month service and maintenance agreement. No funds will be required until all parties have agreed to move forward after the preliminary assessment has been accepted and approved by the client.

Typically, websites can range from $3,500 to $10,000. (Deposits are not refundable after 10-hours of logged work)

WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT WORK is priced based on the number of hours per month you need within a 12-month commitment. To work within your budget, this work is billed monthly. Packages are available in 10-, 20-, 30-, & 40-hours per month increments. Additional al carte hours are available for special projects and for purchasing social media ads.

TRAINING is priced per length of the course/seminar and the number of people in your group. Each of the training topics can be customized to be a session lasting 1-hour, 3-hours (1/2 day), 6-hours (full day), 9-hours (1-1/2 days), or 12-hours (2 days). D2 will work with you to determine your goals in those areas and then a custom training session will be developed to meet that defined need.

Any training sessions outside of the Charlotte/Mecklenburg will also be billed for all travel expenses, and lodging if training location is over 45 minutes away from home-base and/or if the session is a full day or longer.

 Time Up to
20 people 
 1-hour  $300  +$30
(1/2 day)
 $600  +60
(1 day)
 $1,000  +$100
(1-1/2 day)
 $1,500  +150
(2 days)
 $2,000  +200

How long does it take to build a website?

Another outstanding question!

A basic website takes about 6 to 8 weeks to be completed AFTER we have completed the necessary preliminary work and secured all of the needed registrations, host server designations, intellectual property rights, and client approved website outline.

Building a website that is going to effectively showcase who you are on the "World Wide Web" requires that you, the client, is actively involved in the content creation, editing, and photography. So, additional time might be needed to ensure that as the client, your personal touch is included.

You will receive a project timeline before we commission the start of this work, and receive a weekly progress report, showing percent of work completed and hours logged, as we co-create this site together.

Can you rebrand my business, church, or minsitry?

Yes and No.

I can provide you with the tools necessary to shift the brand of your entity, but it will require your consistent efforts to push forward the change to make it stick. We will co-labor together to make this an efficient and effective process.

How many clients do you handle at one time?

D2 provides a boutique design service that desires to provide custom solutions to fit your needs. A limited the number of active clients will be managed at one time. This will ensure each a consistent response time throughout the length of their contractual agreement.

Do you collaborate?


As long as everyone follows the D2 graphic design process, collaboration is encouraged.

PLEASE NOTE: Collaboration with other graphic artists, web designers or social media managers will not produce any rate discounts in the work provide by D2 Graphics.

Your designated collaborator will be serving as the "Owner agent" in your project. All terms of this working arrangement will be spelled out in detail to ensure that all parties are aware of how their work will impact the overall timeline and quality of the work.

How long do you offer website support?


90 days after the final sign off on your punch list is the length of time allotted where there is no charge for any basic editing needs, link repairs, or weekly security checks.

You can purchase website management packages for weekly security checks, feature add-ons, graphic design updates, or content updates. Support agreements can be secured for 12-month commitments.

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