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National Book Release - Recorded January 21, 2024

Book Release:

Qoheleth, THE TEACHER / Qoheleth, MY MUSE by d²

Hosted by:

Hiriam Sims,
Executive Director of Community Literature Initiative

Featured Guest Poets:

  • Karo Ska (author of Loving My Salt-Drenched Bones)
  • Mauricio "Soul on Fire" Moreno (author of Anatomy of a Flame)
  • Reverend Yani Davis
  • Sista Mama Sonya
  • Carlos Ornelas (author of Ketchup: Sopa De Gato)

Open Mic:

  • The National Class - Community Literature Initiative

Deborah Dalton, d2 Set List

  • As Qoheleth Admires the Sun
  • The Hive
  • Pointless Promise
  • Mathematics
  • Click My Heels